Rescued deer takes off into Thunder Bay woods

The deer rescued from the Kam River Thursday morning is back in the woods, safe and sound.

Those who nursed the doe said she slept and ate before venturing back outdoors

Katrina Cimini, the young woman who spotted the deer in the water from the bus she was riding to school, had the chance to visit the fawn before it took off. (Supplied)

The deer rescued from the Kam River Thursday morning is back in the woods, safe and sound.

Employees of TBT Engineering nursed the "button buck" fawn back to health after Thunder Bay firefighters retrieved it from the frigid water. The co-owner of the company said it was an experience he and his staff will never forget.

"Everybody had a wonderful opportunity to experience an interaction with a wild animal that was in need," Rob Frenette said.

"I was amazed at the manner in which the deer placed its trust in the humans that were around it."

The deer was kept warm throughout the day with blankets and coats and employees at TBT Engineering took turns comforting the deer, rubbing its head and bringing it apples and blueberries.

Frenette reported the deer eventually ran off about 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

'Rested comfortably'

The deer would not have survived if not for the young woman who spotted it in the ice and the quick work of the firefighters, he said.

When the deer was transported to the rear shop area, it had icicles hanging off its hide and was hypothermic.

"It drifted off to sleep two or three times during the day," he added

"The deer rested comfortably until it decided it was ready to go … We had the shop door opened a crack so it could see there was fresh air, daylight and nature outside.

"Once it popped to its feet, it charged its way out and made its way into its natural environment."