The Ministry of Natural Resources is giving the public a chance for input into a plan to remove a dam from the Black Sturgeon River north of Thunder Bay.

The MNR wants to decommission the Camp 43 Dam, and replace it with a sea lamprey barrier, 50 kilometres further upstream. The current dam was built in 1960.


A report notes that the fact walleye congregate directly below the Black Sturgeon Dam suggests that their preferred spawning habitat is limited below the dam. (Supplied)

The Minister of Natural Resources said the goal is to help create more walleye spawning habitat.

The dam currently blocks the migration of walleye, sturgeon and coaster brook trout to historic spawning areas.

"But we're very, very conscious … [to] not to build another challenge as well," Michael Gravelle said.

"The key thing is to try and minimize the number of sea lamprey of course, that will be able to get down into the system."

The Black Sturgeon River flows into Lake Superior's Black Bay.

Gravelle said rehabilitating the native fish community in Black Bay could lead to an improved recreational fishery, and provide economic and social benefits to surrounding communities.

Open houses on the dam removal and the lamprey barrier will be held Thursday night in Thunder Bay, and next week in Nipigon.