Remote First Nation rescue dog gets lost in Thunder Bay

A Thunder Bay group that rescued a dog from a remote First Nation is now looking for the very same canine in the city.
Cushion, a 50-pound husky mix, is shown in this picture taken two weeks ago, after he was attacked by another dog in Sandy Lake First Nation. He was brought to Thunder Bay for care, but has since escaped. (Supplied)

A Thunder Bay group that rescued a dog from a remote First Nation is now looking for the very same canine in the city.

Kim Tamminen, who started Paws for Love Dog Rescue six months ago, said people have been bringing at-risk dogs to Thunder Bay without incident — until now.

About two weeks ago, a dog named Cushion was brought in from Sandy Lake after it was attacked by another dog.

"We did have him in the house. He was bathed and everything, so he was all cleaned up,” she said.

“He just broke the clasp on his leash in the middle of the night when he went out to go to the bathroom."

Tamminen said the dog is very skittish and not easily approachable. She's asking anyone who spots a white husky with a blue collar to contact her through the Paws for Love Facebook group.

Cushion was spotted Tuesday morning in the city's County Park neighbourhood. (Supplied)

"He's about a medium-sized dog. I would say about 50 pounds," she said.

Teresa Ruberto-Gaudry runs the Facebook group, Search and rescue for lost pets in the Thunder Bay area and said Cushion has been spotted all over the city in the past few days.

"I've never, ever met a dog like this. He's all over the place," she said.

"It seems like one minute, I get a sighting  somebody calls me with a sighting [on] Onion Lake Road. The next minute, he's by the marina."

Ruberto-Gaudry said Cushion was most recently spotted in the County Park area, on Tuesday morning.


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