The Lake Superior Centre for Regenerative Medicine is asking for more money from the city of Thunder Bay.

Representatives from the bone and tissue bank made the request at Monday night's council meeting — something that wasn’t what some councillors wanted to hear.

At the end of a progress report to council, representatives from RegenMed asked for more financial support, saying they need another $300,000 over six months.

Coun. Trevor Giertuga wanted to know why they were asking for more.

"We've given over $1.2 million currently," he said.

"When you came last to council last time, I was concerned and I said 'is this going to be the last time that you come to the well?'  I was assured that it would be."

RegenMed board chair Judy Sander told council she hoped she wouldn't be back, saying that succeeding in the health care field is challenging. The company makes allografts, which are pieces of bone or tissue used in transplants.

"We're very close [but] we're not there yet," Sander said.

"I would hope that, in a six month time frame, we're able to be in position where we're not coming back."

Ask province for funding

RegenMed now has 40 salespeople who will be marketing its products across Canada.

Canadian Blood Services is recommending establishing three or four tissue banks across Canada, Sander said, and noted RegenMed is the only bank in the country that fits their recommended model.

"This positions us very well for where tissue banking is going in Canada," she said.

"We're consistent with that model; we're actually the model of the model."

Giertuga said the company’s financial request should be made instead to the province.

"This is ... it seems to me, a provincial issue," he said. "Coun. [Brian] McKinnon said [the technology] saves $16 to 20 million for OHIP ... and they're not coming to the table?"

Council referred the matter to administration, whose report is scheduled to come back in two weeks.