RCMP in Thunder Bay are warning the public about the proliferation of counterfeit goods in the city.


RCMP in Thunder Bay have concerns about counterfeit goods turning up in the city. (CBC)

Detachment commander Normand Roy says items with fake labels, such as sports jerseys and cellphone covers, have been seized recently.

Some of the goods are being discovered at the border or when they are shipped through the mail. 

Four things to watch for:

  • Spelling errors or shoddy packaging
  • The price seems too low
  • Be wary of online transactions
  • Check the quality and appearance of the product

"Our goal is to make an awareness of some of these products [that] are illegal."

"Some of them, they're not even CSA-approved, or they don't have the proper standards," he said Tuesday.

Roy said the RCMP have issued written warnings to people in the city who he said were not aware they were selling counterfeit goods. He added that he was unaware of any retailers selling the items.

Roy said if consumers suspect they have a counterfeit item, they should contact the RCMP.

Selling or distributing a fake item can carry a sentence of up to two years in jail.