The RCMP say they've found no evidence of human trafficking on ships travelling between Thunder Bay and Duluth, contradicting the findings of a US researcher.

Earlier this year, Christine Stark told CBC News that First Nations women had been "sold" on ships in the Duluth harbour.

The masters student at the University of Minnesota Duluth said she has anecdotal reports of women, teenage girls and boys, as well as babies being sold on ships for sex.


Thunder Bay RCMP detachment commander Normand Roy said the investigation was thorough and involved other law enforcement agencies, and added the Mounties will follow up if they receive any new information.

“It's very important for the public to be aware that we take this seriously,” he said. “And if it's brought to our attention, it will be investigated."

Roy added the RCMP will continue to monitor international shipping for signs of human trafficking.

"The RCMP is committed to uncover, report and target trafficking activity by making every effort to stem the flow of smuggling and trafficking of human beings," he said.

The RCMP provides training sessions on human trafficking to law enforcement and government agencies, as well as the public, Roy said.