Prime Gelato makes the leap to grocery stores and restaurant menus in Thunder Bay

Shoppers in Thunder Bay, Ont. will now be able to pick up a pint of locally-made gelato at some grocery stores.

Thunder Bay gelato shop features creative flavours, often made with local ingredients

Prime Gelato owner Anne-Marie Calonego and executive chef Sandra Henderson are celebrating the fact that they've acquired a new license which allows the gelato to be sold in other stores. Acquiring the license has been a goal since before the gelato shop opened, said Calonego. (Amy Hadley/CBC)

Shoppers in Thunder Bay, Ont. will now be able to pick up a pint of locally-made gelato at some grocery stores. 

Prime Gelato, which opened in Thunder Bay's waterfront area in the summer of 2016, has now acquired its dairy plant license from the Ministry of Agriculture, which allows it to sell its product out-of-house. 

"This is huge," said owner Anne-Marie Calonego. 

"This will propel our growth, it will take out the seasonality of our business, but most importantly it means that we'll increase our production probably tenfold as a result." 

Containers of Prime Gelato will be available in Agostino's Deli as of Saturday, she said, and there are plans to bring it to a number of other stores, including Maltese Grocery and The Cheese Encounter. 

Diners can also expect to see the cold treat featured on local bar and restaurant menus. The Foundry will serve it in a hard root beer float, she said. The Sovereign room and Uptown Cut also plan to use the gelato.   

Calonego, who went to Italy to study gelato-making so that she could open her shop, said she's pleased with the strides the small business has made since it opened. 

She said in a few years time, she hopes to be selling her Thunder Bay-made gelato in southern Ontario as well.