Wal-Mart powwow dancers kick up internet storm

The Powwow Ranger Sisters staged a grand entrance at the Thunder Bay Wal-Mart store, and the internet is loving it.

The Powwow Ranger Sisters made a grand entrance at Thunder Bay Wal-Mart, and the internet loves it

Video of a group of powwow dancers staging a grand entry at the Thunder Bay, Ont., Wal-Mart store has become a local sensation, racking up more than 15,000 views on Facebook in less than 24 hours.

Dancer Levina Chantelle Wavey told CBC the women decided to perform their way into the big box outlet because they are proud of who they are and proud of their traditions – and because they have a sense of humour.

"We're a group of young women who connected with one another in such an amazing way," she told CBC.

"We're all strong, young, beautiful women who just enjoy having fun, laughing, getting together, without having to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol."

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