Ontario Provincial Police have re-opened Highway 17 in both directions near the town of Vermilion Bay, following a multi-vehicle accident there Sunday morning.

A number of transport trucks slid off the road in the area, while others jackknifed and were blocking the highway, according to police.

Tow trucks removed the vehicles.

The Municipality of Machin's volunteer fire department was called to the scene at about 9:30 a.m. CT Sunday, according to fire chief Rob Wisneski.

No injuries

"One truck slid and took a car with it, and landed on top of a passenger car," said Wisneski.

There were "no injuries at all," he added.

Provincial police advised drivers to use caution in the area, as roads were still slippery following a recent storm.

They said travellers in area can expect delays Sunday evening, because of the amount of traffic that was backed up.

The highway was closed for about eight hours.