A woman from Thunder Bay who says she's concerned a cougar is roaming the city is one of a few people who have caught a glimpse of the wild animal.

Noreen Pitch said she and a group of friends saw a cougar outside Jasper Court on Sunday.  

Pitch said the big cat wandered around in the parking lot before jumping into a wooded area behind the daycare at Pioneer Ridge.

She said that's reason to be concerned, "especially with the nursery school and the seniors on both sides here."

"There is a seniors unit across the street and behind me," she added.


Thunder Bay residents have reported sightings of a cougar around the city in recent days. (CBC)

"The nursery school is attached to the back of the seniors unit. It is all fenced, but that doesn't mean the animal couldn't jump the fence and they have been known to attack children."

Pitch said she phoned the city's animal control about the cougar sighting.

Thunder Bay police said they, too, were called about the animal being seen in the area. They have received calls about cougar sighting near the daycare playground in the area of Tungsten Street and Pioneer Ridge.

Police also reported there were more sightings Monday morning near Golf Links and Central Avenue. They have asked people to use caution when walking or biking in the area and to call in any sightings as quickly as possible.

The Ministry of Natural Resources says cougars are "extremely rare" in Ontario.