A Thunder Bay woman has cut a deal with the private company that holds her medical records after her doctor closed his practice.

Wendy Doran had been asked to pay $600 dollars to access her medical files from RSRS. But after CBC News told her story, she received a call from the company president, who offered her a deal.

"It is a reasonable offer," Doran said. "He gave me a couple of ways of going about the payment plan … so it's very reasonable now."

Doran wouldn’t say what her fees were reduced to, but noted the payment schedule applies to records for her whole family, which includes the medical files for her daughter and husband.

"[Company president Elan Eisen said] that he would work with me as far as going down in the payment and authorization for my medical record — and we're still working on it — but he has sent me an authorization form," she said.

"We'll work out the legalities of how I'm going to make the payments … it's much more accommodating now".

While Doran was able to resolve the issue of steep fees for her medical records, she said she still thinks everyone should have free access to their own medical information.