Parking on Thunder Bay city council agenda

Thunder Bay city administration is recommending against providing free parking to veterans at tonight's meeting.

Free parking for veterans, charging for waterfront spots to be discussed at tonight's meeting

Thunder Bay administration is recommending against providing free parking to veterans at tonight's meeting.

In a memo to council, Thunder Bay Parking Authority supervisor Jonathan Paske writes that the Parking Authority Board is hesitant to provide free parking to a specific group of residents, as they're concerned it will set a precedent, leading to similar requests by other groups.

In addition, granting such a request to veterans would put a further strain on the Parking Authority's budget, as it's expected to be in the red by about $61,000 by year-end. Any further costs, such as maintaining a free parking program for certain residents, would likely "force the Parking Authority to rely on general tax revenues to break even," the memo states.

The veteran's parking matter isn't the only parking-related item on tonight's agenda, however.

Administration recommends marina parking stay free

Also scheduled to be discussed is the question of whether or not the city should charge for parking at Prince Arthur's Landing.

Following an open house and online survey designed to glean public input on the matter, the Parking Authority is recommending council not go ahead with charging for any parking at Thunder Bay's marina park.

"Following this consultation and analyzing the feedback received, administration and the Parking Authority Board have determined that there is little to no support from the public, stakeholders, the above mentioned committees, or members of Council to introduce a parking management strategy at the Waterfront at this time," a memo to council states. "There is especially little support to charge for parking."

More condos sought

Also on the city council agenda tonight, a request to approve a further 16 condominium units at the former Hillcrest High School. Twenty units have already been approved for the site.

Tonight's meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm at city hall.


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