A Thunder Bay paralympic star says she feels fortunate "a violent crash" in Quebec this week wasn't any more serious.

Para-cyclist Robbi Weldon and her pilot Emilie Roy are recovering in hospital  after a collision with a vehicle while training for the Para-Cycling World Cup finals coming up this weekend.

"I was knocked out and, fortunately, our teammates were behind us," she said. "I don't have any recollection of the ambulance ride to the hospital."

Weldon suffered a concussion and multiple fractures and is recovering in a Matane, Que. hospital.

Could have been 'way worse'

A spokesperson with Cycling Canada said the accident happened when a driver tried to turn into his driveway, ahead of the two cyclists, then hit the brakes, which is when they struck the vehicle.

Arnaud  Litou said both athletes suffered concussions and multiple broken bones.

"[There were] no spinal cord injuries, but [they] were close to a dramatic accident," Litou  said. "It was severe, but it could have been way worse."

Litou said Weldon fractured her collarbone and cracked several vertebrae.

"This is the first time, at 37, I've ever broken a bone," said Weldon.  "It's not very nice for sure, but we'r just really, really fortunate that we're alive and it's nothing serious to our backs."

Police investigating

The provincial police in Quebec say no charges have been laid against the driver involved in the incident, but they haven't ruled out the possibility, as their investigation continues.

Weldon and Roy were scheduled to race Friday and Sunday, but Cycling Canada has confirmed, because of their injuries, they won't be racing any more this year.

Weldon said she hopes to fly back to Thunder Bay this weekend, but added that's not certain due to her concussion.