It may be a while before Thunder Bay sees any more progress at its waterfront, as the second phase of its development is still a long way away.

Now that a new restaurant is set to open at Prince Arthur's Landing and all the planned buildings and businesses are complete, the city’s waterfront committee is looking at longer-term projects for the area.

"This is far from over," said Mark Bentz, chair of the committee.

"I've always viewed the project as an evolution that will continue to evolve and improve as time goes on."

Bentz said city administration will prepare a report on phase two of the development, but construction could be years away.

Divers first need to find sunken ships and docks in the tugboat basin, after an archaeologist recently found sunken boats and docks in the former tugboat basin. The find has complicated the city's plans to build more boat slips and parkland.

"We've accomplished the key features, kind of conveyed to the community that they could expect down here," Bentz said, affirming that more development will happen at Prince Arthur's Landing.

"The private developers on the hotel and condo side still have announcements to make with regards to what they're going to be doing in regards to restaurants."

Bentz said he expects an announcement on a proposed retail building fairly soon.