It's officially March Break, and families in Thunder Bay are already taking the time to enjoy the outdoors.

The season's heavy snowfall, combined with a mild forecast, mean ideal conditions for a trip to the ski hill, or the skating rink.

Keegan Arthur and Colin St. James hope to spend every day of their March Break at the Mount Baldy Ski Area. And the 16-year-olds just might, thanks to the region’s snowy, cold winter, and ski-friendly weather outlook for the week.

Colin and John St. James, Keegan Arthur

Brothers Colin and John St. James, along with friend Keegan Arthur, hope to spend every day of their break on the slopes. (Adam Burns/CBC)

“[I’m] lovin' it. It's beautiful out,” Arthur said.

St. James chimed in: “Oh yeah! Great powder. It's good for heading down the hill and hitting a couple of good jumps, you know?”

Arthur said it's the first time he's seen such favourable conditions since he started snowboarding.

“A couple of years ago, it was really good. The last one or two years it's been pretty crappy. But now, it's nice, [there’s] lots of snow,” he said.

Craig Spiess

Mount Baldy Ski Area owner Craig Spiess hopes the mild weather this week will mean a bump in business at the hill. (Adam Burns/CBC)

The owner of Mount Baldy said the weather should make for a busy week at the hill.

“We're not losing the snow,” Craig Spiess said. “We're still dealing with winter snow. We got kind of like spring weather, but [we have] winter snow still.

Spiess said he hopes more people will be getting out to ski this week.

"When you think back two years ago, I don't even think we had a March Break. Remember, when the weather was really bad? Then there was the year where we closed halfway through," he said.

"So this year … I think [business] is gonna bump."

Mount Baldy isn't the only place in town for wintertime fun this March Break. Conditions are also good for a skate at the city's more than 30 outdoor rinks.

Andy Cameron took advantage of the mild weather to bring his family to the Carrick Park rink in Thunder Bay for a light skate.

"We're going to go do some skiing, maybe some snowmobiling, too," he said of the family’s plans for March break.

"It's nice to have a bit of a break."