The online hacker group Anonymous says it has set its sights on the Thunder Bay police.

The group — sometimes called "a digital Robin Hood" — released a video on YouTube this week issuing pointed criticisms of the way police are handling the investigation into the sexual assault of a First Nations woman.

But Thunder Bay Police say the group’s speculative statements made online are just that — speculation.

The video, which has had close to 9,000 views, raises several questions about the police investigation.

In the video, a spinning Guy Fawkes mask accuses police of lying about the number of officers working on the investigation.

"Five officers on the case, we see through your lies, as of now only [one detective] is still on the case and he has decided to ignore it like so many others."

'Awaiting evidence'

Police spokesperson Chris Adams said the number of officers on any major case can fluctuate, according to the evidence.

"It would be accurate to say this that there is a lead investigator who still reviews the file and we are still awaiting other evidence to come back to evaluate," Adams said.

The Anonymous video also contains descriptions of men it says are suspects in the case.

Adams said he's not aware of those descriptions being accurate.

The activist group's video also said Anonymous will take further action if police don't crack the sexual assault case soon.

Adams said the police service is treating that threat, along with the rest of the video, as speculation. He noted Crimestoppers is the appropriate route for anyone with tips for police.