Frustrated by what they say is chronic flooding in their area, about 200 Northwood residents shared concerns at a ward meeting Thursday evening.

Melissa Covello said she's concerned the water and sewer infrastructure hasn't kept up with building development in her neighbourhood.

"Year after year people get flooded and they keep telling us, ‘oh, it's the storm of the century,’" she said during the meeting held at Grandview Lodge Auditorium.

"Well, within four years, six years, we've had three floods. You know, so you get to the point where you can't handle it anymore."

Infrastructure inadequate?

John Indrevold shared those concerns.

"We got flooded. But it's not just about one night," he said.

Indrevold said city crews keep digging up the pipes on his street to do repairs, something he thinks is an indication the infrastructure is inadequate.

"A lot of it's been under-designed for what's there," Indrevold said. "There's damage occurring, and [the flood] puts the icing on the cake."

Northwood councillor Mark Bentz says the city is listening.

"We have to maybe analyze the drainage system in low-lying areas like Northwood and determine what the solutions are," Bentz said."

For the residents overwhelmed by persistent water issues, those solutions can't come fast enough.