Thunder Bay, Ont.'s Nick Serino has won the award for best supporting actor at the Canadian Screen Awards, for his role in the film Sleeping Giant.

He appears in the film as Nate, one of three teenagers spending the summer together near Thunder Bay. His character's cousin Riley is played by Serino's real-life cousin Reece Moffett.

The first feature from Canadian writer-director Andrew Cividino is set in an isolated Ontario cottage community during a bleak midsummer, where the volatile dynamics between three teenage friends-by-chance are gradually pushed toward a potentially dangerous imbalance.

Sleeping Giant is the first film for Thunder Bay actors Serino and Moffett.

Jack Martin, Andrew Cividino, Nick Serino, Reece Moffat

Thunder Bay filmmaker Andrew Cividino, in plaid, with actors Jack Martin, Nick Serino and Reece Moffat. (Teryl Brouillette/Roundstone Communications)