A Thunder Bay rock climber says he's clearing new climbing routes and writing a guidebook to the region because he wants others to experience what climbing has done for him.

Aric Fishman says the sport has changed his life. 

"What climbing has done for me is it's allowed me to really look at life differently and see that, yes, there are challenges, but all you have to do is commit to them and accomplish them and you'll see the benefits," he said.

Fishman is currently raising money for the bolts, hangers and drill-bits needed to set up new climbing routes — and he hopes to publish a guidebook to popular climbing areas this fall. 

The veteran climber, with about 15 years of experience, said he has already cleared several routes in Thunder Bay. Any costs associated with the clearing have been covered with his own money.

The last Thunder Bay climbing guide book was released in 2006, Fishman said, adding that he relied heavily on the book when he moved to Thunder Bay eight years ago.

"Having a guidebook is absolutely necessary for this," he said. "I've travelled all over the world to climb and the guidebooks are what really gets you to the places and shows you where you need to go up these climbs."

Unfortunately, Fishman said, that guidebook disappeared from bookstores around 2010.

Fishman said he plans to release two books: The first will be the guide to popular climbs, and the second will be a guidebook to adventure climbs.