New Thunder Bay road markers aimed at speeders

Drivers in Thunder Bay's Parkdale and River Terrace subdivisions have some new signs reminding them to slow down.
Ped-zone markers, such as this one along Sunrise Boulevard, remind drivers to slow down. (Ryan Love/City of Thunder Bay)

Drivers in Thunder Bay's Parkdale and River Terrace subdivisions have some new signs reminding them to slow down.

The ped-zone signs, as they're called, are markers in middle of the road, displaying the speed limit, and a symbol for children playing. 
Ped-zone markers, such as these along Porcupine Boulevard in the Parkdale area, could be seen along more streets in Thunder Bay, if the city finds they are effective in reducing speeds. (Ryan Love/City of Thunder Bay)

Thunder Bay’s traffic technologist said other cities, including Ottawa, have seen major reductions in speed since they started using the markers.

"The city of Ottawa has … over 100 signs installed. And they've seen locations drop by 17 kilometres an hour,” Ryan Love said.

"We've installed [the signs] on Sunrise Boulevard and Porcupine Boulevard. There's one sign installed in the middle of the roadway, and the intent behind this is to reduce speed."

Love said if the signs are effective in reducing speed, more could be installed around the city.

He noted the signs are temporary.

“During winter these get removed,” Love said.

“So, they're not a hindrance to snow removal operations, and they can be re-installed in the spring time.”

Love added parking spaces are not lost due to the signs’ installation and “As long as the road is wide enough, we can install these.”

If the signs prove to be effective in reducing traffic speeds, he said the city may see more ped-zone signs installed.


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