A property owner near the proposed Dawson Heights subdivision hopes the city can alleviate some of her concerns, before plans for the area are approved.

Darlene Fedorchuk owns an 18-hectare parcel of land beside the proposed subdivision.

She's worried the new homeowners will use her property for recreation.

Darlene Fedorchuk

Darlene Fedorchuk owns the land adjacent to the new Dawson Heights subdivision and has concerns with people trespassing on her property. (Jeff Walters/CBC)

The proposed Dawson Heights subdivision will create 15 lots for single homes, and another 10 lots for townhouses and small apartment buildings.

The development would create two new streets and a walkway leading to a neighbouring property.

"In having walkways to private property, which is a large-scale property, it's 44 acres. So those homes backing onto that land are assuming that that is parkland. It is private land,” she said.

Development Services manager Mark Smith says he'll see what the city can do to alleviate Fedorchuk's concerns.

He said roadways are aligned into her property, as it could eventually become a subdivision.

"We want to make sure that development, as it proceeds, doesn't preclude from that happening,” he said.

“The way the roads are designed, the way walking trails are designed, all of that envisions the ultimate development of those lands."

Council also made minor changes to the zoning bylaw for a strip mall on Memorial Avenue, and approved new street names in the Terra Vista development off of Balmoral Street.

Street names planned for the Terra Vista development:

  • Oasis Lane
  • Vista Lane
  • Inspiration Lane
  • Allure Lane