The new president of the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition supports keeping the bar that's in the CLE boardroom.

Danny Mosa, who has served on the board for more than 15 years, was elected at Wednesday night's annual meeting.

"Basically, I think it's there's nothing wrong with it, to have a couple of drinks after [meetings],” he said.

“It's just a social thing ... It's a personal thing that people have brought up for some reason, and we don't know why."

Danny Mosa

Canadian Lakehead Exhibition president-elect Danny Mosa says he sees no problem with the CLE's boardroom bar. (Adam Burns/CBC)

Mosa said the CLE board will still look into the bar issue. In cases like this, the CLE board usually forms a committee to look into matters like these, he added.

"That committee makes recommendations, and the recommendations go to the management board or the executive. And then we look at it, and we can present it to the board of directors, and vote on it. And whatever the board of directors decide, that's where we go."

Last October, then-president Reta Stoger also said a committee of the board would review the bar, but that no date was set.

"We're pretty well content that we're doing everything above board ... I think basically it's a personal problem between a couple of directors which is causing all this discontent,” Mosa said.


Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies general manager Mark Beaven had urged the CLE board to consider the potential consequences of having a bar in its boardroom. (Supplied)

'Focus on the bigger picture'

Meanwhile, the head of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies says he's keeping an eye on the CLE, and planning a trip to Thunder Bay.

When the controversy surfaced last fall, Mark Beaven urged the Exhibition board to consider the potential consequences of having a bar in its boardroom.

"I know there's some challenges up there, and I would urge [the CLE board] to focus on the bigger picture, in terms of the goals of the organization: to promote agricultural and rural Ontario,” he told the CBC in an interview on Thursday.

"While there [are] challenges going forward, I'm confident that, hopefully, with some assistance from myself … we'll be able to address them, and we'll have a more positive tone moving forward.”