Kayla Quinn believes the restaurant vision she's calling Outlet will work in Thunder Bay. It will feature local foods and art. (Gord Ellis/CBC)

A Thunder Bay woman says she thinks she's found a creative way to open a restaurant.

Kayla Quinn believes the restaurant concept she's calling Outlet will work in Thunder Bay. Quinn wants to create a cafe in the north core that will help local artists and farmers. She plans to use foods from the area and provide space for Thunder Bay art work.  

"We're actually inviting local suppliers to come out … bring one of [their] items that [they] want to showcase to the community," she said.

Quinn is not building the restaurant on her own, however. Four multimedia students from Confederation College are creating an online community — and some buzz — about the project.

Lee Stojkovic is one of them. He's designed an interactive website for the café that encourages people to regularly visit the site, and has proposed a points-for-comments idea.

"Say you commented enough on artwork …you would receive points for that," he said. "There [are] a lot of things you can get with the points. So people are gonna want to actually get them. They will be contributing to the society of Outlet."

In the meantine, Kayla Quinn said she hopes all the online networking will pay off when the doors of Outlet actually open — four months from now.