The City of Thunder Bay is proposing a new bylaw for dealing with the city's graffiti problem.

The new bylaw would force property owners to clean up any graffiti on their fences, garages, or other buildings.

But it would also provide a rebate for the owners of properties that are targeted.


Thunder Bay councillor Andrew Foulds

It also includes a new way of reporting graffiti to the city. People can call 2-1-1, a hotline where complaints can be made. After receiving a complaint, city staff would remove any spray paint from public property.

Home and business owners would get a notice telling them to do a clean-up.

Councillor Andrew Foulds, who sits on the city's graffiti committee, said another key piece of the bylaw is a rebate to help cover costs for property owners.

"Not only did it provide a direct benefit to the homeowners, but the reality is that getting this kind of vandalism down is better for all of us," Foulds said.

Property with an assessed value of less than $400,000 would be eligible for a $50 rebate.

Seniors, or those with disabilities, could have the entire cost of graffiti cleanup covered by the city.