Never re-enter a burning building, Thunder Bay fire officials warn

A tragic fire this week in Ottawa has prompted the Thunder Bay fire service to issue a warning: Don’t go back once you escape from a burning building.

Re-entering a burning building for any reason can have fatal consequences: fire rescue spokesperson

A fire completely destroyed an RV belonging to a Thunder Bay father and son who were travelling in Wisconsin. Both escaped without serious injury. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is reminding people that if they escape a burning structure, they need to stay out. (Courtesy Lori Fuller)

A tragic fire this week in Ottawa has prompted the Thunder Bay fire service to issue a warning: Don’t go back once you escape from a burning building.

Nancy Price and her dalmatian Damien are seen in this family photo. Both died in a fire in Price's Ottawa townhouse unit Wednesday, Aug. 13. (Andrew Neville)

A woman perished when she returned to save a family pet from an Ottawa house fire Wednesday night.

“Once you’re out, stay out. Never enter a burning building,” said Thunder Bay Fire Rescue spokesperson Anthony Stokaluk.

“And something that ties into that is to have a fire-escape plan.  So we want people to not only plan a home-escape plan but also to practise it with everybody in their family.”

Stokaluk said that plan includes agreeing on a meeting place outside the home in the event of a fire, so everyone can be accounted for.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Tips:

(Thunder Bay Fire Rescue)


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