The OPP are warning parents in northwestern Ontario about a dangerous new game that involves young people abusing alcohol, engaging in risky behaviour and publishing those acts on social media.

In a game called neknomination, participants drink a large amount of alcohol while undertaking a risky activity.

The event is videotaped and uploaded to a social media site. Then two friends are challenged to do something daring while drinking.

Constable Anne McCoy said provincial police are looking into a video posted from the Atikokan area.

“Videos such as this … negatively impact our youth because they … promote dangerous behaviour [and glorify] heavy alcohol consumption,” McCoy said.

“Alcohol-related tragedies are the number one cause of injury and death in youth.”

Where appropriate, police will lay charges for this type of behaviour, she noted, as it's a community safety issue.

The Atikokan-area video points to a concerning trend, McCoy said, which prompted the warning from police.

“It is a fad that is picking up momentum on social networking sites,” she said.