Ontario Provincial Police are investigating a near collision between the driver of a tractor-trailer and an oncoming snowplow and another tractor-trailer on Highway 11 north of Nipigon — an incident caught on the dashboard camera of one of the vehicles and posted on YouTube.

The transport was attempting to pass the snowplow, causing the driver of the tractor-trailer outfitted with the camera to swerve into guardrails. 

As the incident unfolds, someone in the camera-outfitted tractor-trailer is heard exclaiming, "What the hell are you doing ... No! No!" before the vehicle strikes the guardrails. 

OPP said they are aware of the incident which, according to the date stamp on the video, took place on Jan. 4.

A spokesperson told CBC News that police received an initial report about the incident and will use the video in their investigation.

CBC News has been unable to reach the person who posted the video.