Thunder Bay resident Tammy Dacosta said she found a bear carcass on the side of Oliver Road this morning with its claws missing. (Tammy Dacosta)

A Thunder Bay woman is upset after finding a mutilated bear carcass alongside Oliver Road this morning.

Tammy Dacosta told CBC News she discovered the animal while driving between Highway 130 and Sunset Memorial Gardens.

Dacosta said the claws from all four of the bear's feet had been removed. She's not sure if it was hit by a vehicle or just dumped by the road.

Dacosta  called 911 and tried to reach the Ministry of Natural Resources to get the carcass picked up. Thunder Bay police told CBC the disposal of the animal was being handled by the city roads department.

Dacosta said she's not against controlled hunting, but mutilation and animal cruelty "is another thing."

In a little over a year, there have been at least three other reported cases of mutilated bears in northwestern Ontario. 

Last month, a Fort Frances woman discovered one along Highway 11 with its front paws cut off.