Two new solar parks are in the works for the Thunder Bay area. A Calgary developer plans to build one on Dawson Road, near Paquette Road, and another in Shuniah Township, near Amethyst.

The president of GTE Power and Solar, Ian Rogers, said weather data from Environment Canada is a big reason why his company is investing in the Lakehead.

"Thunder Bay happens to be the sunniest place in Ontario, so it is excellent for solar," he said.

Waiting for government approvals

He added he'd like to see the solar parks in operation by next year. Both would generate 20 megawatts, or enough power for 10,000 homes. If they go ahead, they will be the fourth and fifth solar parks around Thunder Bay. The Calgary firm is waiting for government approvals to go forward.

"It comes down to the renewable energy act approval that you require — (and) that Hydro One has the capacity and the connection and the interconnect," he said. "And that you have your contract ready to go with the Ontario Power Authority."

Rogers said the power grid in Thunder Bay is good quality and should be able to handle the power production.