More snow expected for Thunder Bay over the weekend

Environment Canada says Thunder Bay residents should keep their shovels handy.
Spring flowers were nowhere in sight on April 17 in Thunder Bay. A total of 15 cm of the cold, wet stuff was expected going into Good Friday. (Gord Ellis/CBC)

Environment Canada says Thunder Bay residents should keep their shovels close by.

Warning preparedness meteorologist Geoff Coulson says the area can expect about 15 cm of snow by the end of the day — and more could come over the weekend.

"Yeah the model's indicating another system coming out of the prairies for Saturday,” he told the CBC in an interview on Thursday.

The snow that's expected to fall on Saturday may be mixed with rain, Environment Canada says. (Gord Ellis/CBC)

“This one looks, for the most part, [like] another snow event. We could see another five-to-10 cm on Saturday from the system, perhaps even more."

Coulson added the that the system could have some rain mixed in with snow.

It is possible for the city to get snow in early May, he said. But the short term forecast isn't showing precipitation past this weekend.

Coulson said temperatures will also climb next week to above-average values.

Meanwhile, Thunder Bay road crews have been out in full force.

Plows of all sizes have been put to use during the most recent dump of snow in Thunder Bay. (Gord Ellis/CBC)

The supervisor for the city’s south side roads department said plows hit the streets at 8 a.m. Thursday.

"We're out there plowing our arterial streets, and arterial sidewalks, and downtown core areas,” John Bilyk said.

“[We’re] sanding and salting as well."

Bilyk said crews may also have to work through part of the evening as well.

Last winter, the final time crews had to plow the streets was on May 3.

An Environment Canada meterologist says it's possible for Thunder Bay to get snow in early May. (Gord Ellis/CBC)


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