Mike Richards brings Stanley Cup to Kenora

Los Angeles Kings centre Mike Richards paraded the Stanley Cup through his hometown of Kenora Friday afternoon

Los Angeles Kings centre parades the cup through his hometown

Los Angeles Kings centre Mike Richards paraded the Stanley Cup through his hometown of Kenora on Friday afternoon.

Passers-by took photographs as Richards rode in the back of a white pick-up truck with the cup perched on the roof of the cab.

If the Stanley Cup had been brought to the northwestern Ontario community any other time, the city would have done more to mark the occasion, said Kenora city clerk Heather Kasprick.

"He doesn't get to choose when the cup comes," she said. "He's kind of told this is your time, these are your two days and that's when its coming. And unfortunately for Kenora, August long weekend is the biggest weekend in Kenora for events. So the cup coming on Friday of the August long weekend isn't the best timing."

Kenora is also hosting Harbourfest, a large Agricultural Fair and the Diamonds and Ice Tournament this weekend.

The last time Richards brought the cup home, in August of 2012, thousands of residents took the opportunity to touch it, get Richards' autograph and take pictures.