The provincial Liberals have their candidate for the next election in the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North, which means the candidates are now in place for all three major parties.

MPP Michael Gravelle was nominated to run for the Liberals, whileThunder Bay city councillor Andrew Foulds will run for the NDP, and businesswoman Tamara Johnson will run for the Progressive Conservatives.

Gravelle said he is confident the Liberals can pull off another win in the riding.

"Obviously I've worked hard to be the best possible representative I can for my constituents, and I'm gonna be obviously putting that case forward to them again," he said.

The 18-year veteran of Queen's Park is knows a thing or two about survival — in politics and in life.

This is his sixth consecutive nomination for the provincial Liberals, and he's recovering from a battle with lymphoma. But he said his health won't slow him down if an election is called.

"I feel, quite frankly, stronger than I almost ever have ... and when the campaign comes, I'm going to be ready and eager to get into the fray," he said.

‘We’re going to be ready’

No election has been called yet. Premier Kathleen Wynne said that when the legislature returns next week, it's her intention to govern.

"But if we do have to go to an election, we're going to be ready," she said during Gravelle’s nomination announcement. "And Michael's going to be part of that team."

Wynne said Gravelle leaves an impression on everyone he meets and they can see how hard he works.

"The way Michael does politics is exactly the way we want to do politics across the province," she said.

For his part, Gravelle said he’s satisfied with what he’s been able to accomplish, particularly as he dealt with cancer.

"While I was going through my treatments, I thought I was doing not too bad. I was managing my work, and I think I was getting it done," he said.

Roughly 280, $25-tickets were sold for Tuesday night's meeting.

Wynne remained in Thunder Bay Wednesday to help celebrate the opening of Lakehead University's new law school.

The provincial legislature returns to work on Sept. 9.