Reports and video from several witnesses helped lead to the conviction of two men for harassing a moose on a northwestern Ontario lake.

The incident happened July 29 in Outlet Bay on Eagle Lake, near Dryden.


In late September, an Ontario Court in Dryden heard the Ministry of Natural Resources was told a boat had repeatedly circled a swimming cow moose, preventing it from getting to shore.

Several witnesses provided evidence to the officers, including a video recording, showing a boat circling a swimming moose.  After circling the moose, the boat went to shore and returned shortly after with three other adult passengers. The boat repeatedly drove in tight circles around the swimming moose, preventing it from going to shore. A passenger, jumped out of the boat and onto the back of the swimming moose.

Andrew Weiers, who is from Dryden, and Matthew Weiers, who is from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, just northeast of Edmonton, pleaded guilty to harassing the moose. They were fined a total of $2,500.

The boat, owned and operated by Andrew Weiers, was seized and will be returned once the fines are paid.

The MNR reports a moose can suffer extreme physical exhaustion, stress and even death from this kind of treatment.