Striking workers at Lakehead Motors in Thunder Bay, Ont., say they want the same pay and benefits as their colleagues at other dealerships.

The workers are members of the International Machinists Association Local 1120 — which represents the mechanics, parts department staff, and some body shop employees.

They've been on strike since August 1.

Union steward Rod Roos says four other dealerships in the city have all signed similar new contracts with the union, but Lakehead Motors won't agree to the same terms.

"Why should we have to take anything less than the other mechanics down the street?" he said on the picket line on Thursday. "We have the same training that they do only ours is on Chrysler. It should be fair."

The general manager of Lakehead Motors declined to comment to CBC News on specifics of the proposed collective agreement.

But Greg Cieslik said what happens at other businesses doesn't impact decision-making at his dealership.

"We don't bargain as a group," Cieslik said. "And we have our own issues and it's a totally different environment."

Cieslik said the company has heard the union's concerns and believes its offer is fair. 

with files from Heather Kitching