The balloon animal sculptures at the south end of Thunder Bay's Marina Park have once again been damaged.

Balloon animal sculpture

One of the balloon animal sculptures, in its original state, at Thunder Bay's Marina Park, from the installation 'Naturally Inflated'. (City of Thunder Bay)

The supervisor of  the city's cultural services department said the sculptures are covered as they try to assess the damage and plan restoration.

The artwork was moved to its current location two years ago after being vandalized at least four times.  

“We have noticed additional breakage since then, at this point, we don't have any conclusive proof that that breakage [this time] is a result of vandalism or not, but there has been certainly damage since they were moved,” Leah Bayly said.

"We want it to be enjoyed by children, that's what it's intended for and obviously for many years to come, so right now, we're in the process of determining the best way to do that," she added.

The city is in talks with the Vancouver-based artists regarding repairs.