In keeping up with the times, posting pictures of lost pets on social media is replacing posters and flyers.

Thunder Bay resident Teresa Ruberto, co-founder of a Facebook page called 'Search and rescue for lost pets in the Thunder Bay area' that aims to locate lost pets around the city, said there are benefits to taking the search online. She said information travels faster online, and reaches a larger number of people. 

"There's just so many people on Facebook posting pictures, someone's bound to see the pet, roaming the streets or driving past, it's just great, it just gets out there it gets the word out there," Ruberto said.

Judy Mackie, who runs Northern Lights Dog Rescue in Thunder Bay, said she always recommends posting a pet's description and photo online when someone calls her about a lost — or found — animal.

"Recently we did, we were missing a dog in Sioux Lookout, and we certainly, the first place we started was Facebook and the pages there where we thought someone would be interested and share the posts." Mackie said.

Teresa Ruberto

Teresa Ruberto also uses social media to organize volunteer search parties for missing pets in the area. (Courtesy Teresa Ruberto)

Social media can be used for all sorts of things regarding animal care; Ruberto uses it as an event space for organizing volunteer search parties for missing animals.

Mackie added that sites like Facebook also assist her in finding people to adopt or provide short-term care for animals her organization rescues.