A Thunder Bay businessman who was arrested after tossing chocolate milk at several pro-life demonstrators says he's pleased with the outcome after pleading guilty in court Wednesday.

Brian Hamilton, 36, was originally charged with four counts of assault following the incident in the Bay and Algoma area last June.

Hamilton received an absolute discharge Wednesday morning, after donating $500 to Amnesty International and taking some anger management counselling. The judge's decision means he has no criminal record.

"I came in there today thinking I was gonna get a six-month probation," Hamilton told CBC News.

"I am a big stranger to the court system ... it's nothing that I wanted to go forward with."

The incident, which happened last summer, occurred when a Calgary-based group called the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform showed up at a street fair with images of aborted fetuses. Hamilton is the head of the Bay and Algoma business improvement area

"As much as I kind of regret my decision, it was pretty deliberate," he said.

"These people had put graphic pictures of aborted fetuses and dead bodies right in the middle of our family day sidewalk sale event … and, in fact, … what I did was very deliberate. It had nothing to do with me snapping. It was done in a state of frustration. It was a protest."

Hamilton went on to say that, although he received support from onlookers, the act "was 100 per cent undertaken by myself, with the knowledge I would have to face the consequences."