Mac's robbery victim speaks out

A Mac's employee who had a knife held to his throat during a robbery last month is dissatisfied with a letter issued by his employer.
Larry Larivee was held at knifepoint during a Mac's convenience store robbery on Dec.22. He is one of the store's clerks. (Gord Ellis/CBC)

A Mac's convenience store employee who had a knife held to his throat during a robbery in Thunder Bay last month is speaking out.

Larry Larivee said he received a letter from Mac's outlining his security options with the company in the wake of the robbery.

The letter suggests he move to a day shift and re-take the company’s robbery prevention program. Larivee said the letter shows Mac's management cannot guarantee employee safety.

"There is nothing about prevention or stopping this from ever happening again," Larivee said.  "This is pretty much about covering their own bleep."

Larivee said he has not been terminated by Mac's, but he has not worked any shifts in some time.

The Mac's robbery on Dec. 22 was interrupted by city police, who found three disguised teens holding up the store.

A 15-year-old held a knife to Larivee's throat as police negotiated the youth's eventual surrender.

Mac's spokesperson Sean Sportun said the company wants to help Larivee integrate back into his job after  a very traumatic incident.

"I did see the video," he said. "I feel for Mr.Larivee and what happened with him.There is a possibilty that this could be an aftermath of what he went through."

Sportun said, since the company implemented new security measures in Thunder Bay, there has been only one robbery — the one in which Larivee was the victim.