The CEO of St. Joseph’s Care Group says before work can begin on a new long-term care facility in Thunder Bay, the project needs some re-thinking.

Tracy Buckler has confirmed to CBC News that tenders came in above estimate for the Centre of Excellence for Integrated Seniors' Services on Lillie Street. She declined to say by how much — but Buckler noted the original estimate was done six years ago.

The CEISS project

  • The Centre of Excellence for Integrated Seniors' Services (CEISS) evolved after the City of Thunder Bay returned 300 of its municipally-run, long-term care beds (located in Dawson Court and Grandview Lodge) to the Province of Ontario in January, 2009.
  • The long-term care beds returned to the Province of Ontario will be closed once the new CEISS facility is operational.
  • The project will include 132 supportive one-bedroom apartments (recently completed) and 448 new long-term care beds, in addition to the existing Hogarth Riverview Manor site on the same property.


"So what we need to do is look at updating the budget, really do an in-depth analysis of the results that come in," she said.

"Some of the pricing that comes in will be driven by the market, and the current market state is what it is. We're going to work through the process and hopefully announce the beginning of the project."

The design team will also need to consider some recommendations, she said.

"We really are doing a very thorough review and seeing how we can make this work."

Buckler added she is still confident construction of the elder care facility will begin this spring.

"We have a level of expertise that will be conducting that review and making some recommendations"

"We want to get this project going and get a shovel in the ground as soon as possible," Buckler said.

"To be proceeding with construction in the spring would be absolutely ideal. I'm feeling optimistic about it."