A Thunder Bay, Ont. group dedicated to the restoration of lighthouses along the north shore of Lake Superior is seeking its first artist in residence. 

Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior is looking for an artist to spend some time this summer living at Porphyry Island Lighthouse, which is located near Thunder Bay, about 15 kilometres east of Silver Islet, on Black Bay. 

It's part of ongoing efforts to make the recently restored lighthouse a destination for summer vacationers, said Paul Capon, the chair of Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior, adding that he hopes the chosen artist will be influenced by the site, and its natural surroundings. 

"We would hope ... that the scenery and the location would inspire them to write about it or sculpt about it or paint about it," he said. 

The successful applicant could be any type of artist, said Capon, as long as they're ready for a true wilderness experience. The lighthouse can only be accessed by air, or water. 

"They would have to be willing to accept a certain amount of silence," said Capon. "Because other than the crashing waves – sometimes if there [aren't] any people around – that's all you'll hear."  

The artist in residence will be provided with a studio and gallery space, and will be asked to share their work with visitors, and perhaps do some art workshops. 

Applications are being accepted until May 20, 2016.