Striking a piano key, to hit a perfect 'A' is music to Liam Curran's ears.

The pianist, from Thunder Bay, Ont., is one of the youngest piano tuners in the city, if not the country.

Curran, in his mid-20's, has played piano for more than two decades. He said he's always been fascinated by how pianos work.

"I've always found it fascinating the inner workings of the piano. How the piano functions," said Curran.  "How to align the pitches to make the piano in tune."

Curran said after he received a degree in music from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, he took a graduate program at Western University in London, Ont., learning how to rebuild, tune and voice pianos.

Liam Curran demonstrates how to tune a piano

"There are many, many components that work together to make the instrument function" he said.

Curran said there are 14,000 components in a grand piano, and it's his job to ensure every piece is working together.

There are many pianos in Thunder Bay, but not everyone makes sure they are properly cared for, said Curran.

"So, I'd say business is good, but it's up and down, kind of a niche market here. It's more of a blue collar hockey town than an arts community. But, there are people who have very nice instruments, and take good care of them," he said.