Fed up with a chronic leaky roof problem, the board of directors at Sioux Lookout's new hospital is taking legal action against the designer and builder of the $110 million Meno Ya Win Health Centre.

Ice buildup and water leaks developed during the first winter after the hospital opened, in 2010, said the engineering consultant for the hospital.

"We know we didn't ask for a hospital to be designed or constructed that leaked," Doug Lawrance said.

"Our expectation is that we would have one that didn't so, at this time, we feel it's within our right to take some form of action to rectify that and be compensated for it."

The most recent leak has forced the closure of three patient rooms.   

Hospital CEO Dave Murray said it's frustrating for everyone.

"During the first winter the hospital experienced a variety of leaking problems," he said.

"The building designer and the building constructor did a lot of warranty work in the summer of 2011 to fix the problem. We were not sure all of the fixes that they did would work but, during the second year, we had very minor leaking problems. However that was not a normal winter. This winter seems to be a more traditional winter and we have the ice damming and leaking problems again."

The hospital’s board of directors has approved the legal action to protect the corporation from the costs of repairs for the roof problems which have been encountered since 2010, a hospital press release stated.

"We want to make sure that these problems get solved once and for all," board co-chair, Kai Koivukoski said in the release.

"The leaks cause a lot of problems for staff and force us to move patients and shut down patient rooms. We need to do what is best for patient care and for the people of this area for the long term."