Lawsuit being filed against city for flooding damages

Thunder Bay law firm says it is filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of homeowners affected by recent flooding
Sandy Zaitzeff's law firm is filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Thunder Bay residents affected by the flood. (CBC)

A Thunder Bay law firm says it is filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of city residents affected by recent flooding.

Christopher Watkins of Watkins Law Professional Corporation said the suit will allege gross negligence in the design and maintenance of Thunder Bay’s storm, water and sewage systems.

Watkins said the class action will cover both insured and uninsured damages

Lawyer Sandy Zaitzeff, also with the same Watkins Law Professional Corporation, said the lawsuit doesn’t need to wait until the city examines the plant on Atlantic Avenue.

"The city knows I’ve had cases like this before over 20 years, so this is plain and simple bad design. Even worse the city has ignored it all," he said. "They want everybody to wait. Wait for what?"

He said there is a plaintiff who would represent other claimants.

Zaitzeff claimed there have been multiple sewer backups over the past 10 years.

City council may approve $500,000 in disaster relief funding Monday night, but Zaitzeff said that is not enough.

City officials will not comment on the suit at this time, saying they are concerned with responding to the flood disaster at the moment.

The claims made by the law firm have yet to be proven in court.