Thunder Bay city councillor and Canadian Lakehead Exhibition board member Ken Boshcoff says he's willing to consider re-examining the open bar policy at the CLE.

"Now that we've confirmed that it's responsible and it's legal, and it's well within all laws, it's still time, in view of the way society has changed, to really examine that situation, and the public perception," he said.

The bar is located in the boardroom and is available at any time to members of the CLE board.

City administration was instructed by council Monday night to review the city's lease agreement with the CLE.

Thunder Bay’s city manager said it may take a month or two to look over the lease agreement with the CLE, but suggested it’s prudent to conduct that review and look into the city's contractual rights.

"There are some oversight provisions in the lease that we're looking at and obviously that we'll be talking to the CLE about," Tim Commisso said.

He said the city has a longstanding, good relationship with the Exhibition, but the boardroom bar has raised "some concerns" in the community.

Commisso added the city has a vested interest in ensuring everything is being done with respect to compliance, and he expects the city’s re-examination of the matter will prove this to be the case.