The latest municipal property assessment for homeowners in Greenstone is the tipping point for rural residents who want the municipality disbanded.

Greenstone was created as a municipality more than a decade ago, taking in the former towns of Longlac, Geraldton, Beardmore and Nakina, and all the rural property in between.

That’s a problem for Andre Blanchard, who lives 50km from Geraldton.


Greenstone Landowner's Association president Andre Blanchard says the municipality of Greenstone doesn't work. He said the area is way too large with not enough tax base to support it, and it should be dissolved and returned back to its original municipalities. (supplied)

"We don't have any street lights we don’t have any sidewalks," he said. "We don't have municipal waters and sewers. So why are we being taxed on all these services?"

This year's property assessment exacerbated the situation.

Blanchard noted rural properties are increasing in value, while those in town are on the decrease.

"They're using us, out on the rural end, to offset the taxes for the residential part," he said.

100% increase in taxes

The mayor of Greenstone said he recognizes the frustration — but tearing the municipality apart isn't the answer.

"I think it’s something that, at this time, we have to stick with … and work with what we have," Ron Beaulieu said.

The province is ultimately responsible for property assessments, he added. Beaulieu said the landowners association hasn't directly addressed council yet, but he's heard some of the concerns.

Blanchard said he's seen a 100 per cent increase in his taxes since Greenstone became a municipality more than a decade ago.

"This is crazy," he said. "We can't keep on going like this here. Our taxes keep on rising and we're not getting any services in return."

Blanchard said the land mass of Greenstone is the same as Toronto, however only 4,000 people live there.

The Greenstone Landowners Association will hold another public meeting in Beardmore on Saturday and Nakina on Sunday. They follow meetings in Longlac and Geraldton.