A Shuniah resident says she is worried Lakeshore Drive has become dangerous with drivers using the road as an alternate route while Highway 11/17 is under construction.

Susan Crago said traffic is almost non-stop during the week and noted the 80 kilometre per hour speed limit is too high with so many houses along the road.

"I would like to be able to walk my grandchildren on the shoulders of the road and I'm afraid to. I can't," she said.

"If, for some reason they bolt, get away from my hand ... People ... just travel so fast, that it's just unsafe."

Crago said two pet cats — and several deer — have been hit and killed on the road in front of her house.


Shuniah resident Susan Crago says residents living on Lakeshore Drive want to lower the speed limit. (Nicole Ireland/CBC)

Shuniah's chief administrative officer said the municipality has heard other residents' concerns and has taken action. 

Eric Collingwood said a speed indicator sign will soon tell drivers if they're going too fast, but he noted council has no plans to lower the limit itself.

"If we lower the speed limit too much, it would cause people to move up to the other highway and take business away from any businesses that are located along Lakeshore Drive," he said.

Collingwood noted there are slow-down areas along the road in the school zone, in addition to where the road becomes curvy.

On Sunday a roving speed trap was set up by police in front of Susan Crago's house as officers enforced the 80 kilometre an hour limit. Crago said she's happy to see police, but insists the speed limit should be reduced.

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"With the 80 kilometre speed limit, people go 100," she said.

"So if it was 60, maybe then at least people would go 80 — a safer speed.  It's just not safe.  There's too many houses, too much activity."

Crago noted people frequently drive dangerously and often pass other cars in no-passing areas. She added she once had to pull her granddaughter out of the way from a vehicle passing too close while the pair was picking up trash on the side of the road

Trash is another problem with increased traffic, Crago added, as people are throwing garbage out their car windows.