Emergency crews in the Kenora area say large mud bogs on Lake of the Woods are cropping up more often, posing a hazard to boaters and damaging shoreline property.

Kenora Fire Chief Warren Brinkman says the floating masses of vegetation are common, but this year’s high water has produced more of them. The bogs are created when a chunk of shoreline vegetation breaks away and flows with the current.

A large bog already damaged a pair of docks in Kenora this year, Brinkman said.

“It collided with a dock that had been there, I'm going to say at least 35, maybe 40 years,” he said.

“It took it right off its moorings and off its anchor posts .... And it continued on down the stream and took another dock.”

The OPP has warned boaters about the wayward bogs.

Last week, a bog about 200 metres in diameter became lodged in a channel in Lake of the Woods west of Kenora.

“Ultimately, if it would have collided with one docking structure … it would have caused some significant damage [west of Kenora],” he said, adding the area is a “bit of a mini-harbour.”

Brinkman noted the bogs are a danger in open water.

“Whether you're going fast or slow, it really doesn't matter, you're going to have some … either injury to your passengers or yourself, and maybe damage to your boat.”

Brinkman said the potential danger serves as another reminder to wear a lifejacket while boating.