The Lake of the Woods Brewing Company in Kenora, Ont. has been given a $150,000 boost by the northern Ontario federal economic development program.

The FedNor loan is for the purchase and installation of larger fermentation tanks and canning equipment, according to the agency.

Taras Manzie, the brewery's president and CEO, told CBC News that the goal is to be able to brew a variety of beers locally for canning.

"So instead of only being able to offer product in certain formats like draft, growlers, which were doing before from our brewing facility here, we can now offer single serve and single serve multi-pack across a much broader line," he said.

Up until now, the brewery has brewed two types of beer that are available in cans. Most of that brewing is done in southern Ontario, Manzie said, but added that some canning has been done in Kenora for about two months.

The company is also planning to expand into other products, as well as a bigger facility.