A man from Thunder Bay is $100,000 richer after scratching an Instant Crossword Tripler ticket.

Kim McKenzie said he and his daughters checked the ticket at home, then walked to the Mac's store on Beverly Street to confirm whether he had won anything. When he scanned the ticket, the lottery machine's screen said 'Big Winner'.

Kim McKenzie

Kim McKenzie won $100,000 with an OLG scratch ticket. (Ont. Lottery and Gaming Corporation)

"It was overwhelming...I almost had heart problems, and throw-up problems....a bunch of different feelings"

McKenzie said it's the second time recently that he's won a prize on a scratch ticket. He won $1,000 a couple weeks earlier and used that money to buy the ticket that turned out to be good for a $100,000 prize.

McKenzie, who is currently on workers' compensation, already has plans for the winnings.

"To pay creditors, hopefully buy a house eventually, and leave some in my will for my girls."