KI First Nation Chief Donny Morris

Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) chief Donny Morris says he had to resort to YouTube to get a message to the provincial government. Morris wants the province to revoke mining claims on the First Nation's burial grounds — otherwise, he said, taxpayers could be on the hook for the consequences.

Morris said that's what happened in 2009, when the province paid $5 million to buy back claims near the First Nation.

"I know what the outcry was and it's not fair to the taxpayers," Morris said. "I pay taxes too. It does not mean money should be spent like that."

Morris said the Minister of Northern Development and Mines didn't respond to a November letter, which prompted the video appeal to Rick Bartolucci.

"Using YouTube and the Internet has done very well for the community in making our issues known out there," Morris said.


Minister of Northern Development and Mines Rick Bartolucci

"Assuming since it worked for us, it should work on the minister."

Bartolucci told CBC he sent KI a response last week, but wouldn’t discuss the contents until Morris had a chance to read it.